“Wow God and Honk Honk!”

When I (Denise) was a little girl, I would go with my family to the Fourth of July fireworks. Lying on our blankets on the grass or sitting on our folding chairs on the bank of the Saginaw River, we got a spectacular view. Some people sat on the hoods of their cars, and when a round of fireworks earned ooohs! and aaahhhhs! from the crowd, the car horns would start sounding. Since we were not in a car, we would just say, “Honk, honk!

“Honk, Honk, God!” is what we said when we received this letter from one of our clients shortly after her weekend of ministry with us.   See if this letter also gives you a glimpse into how the Father sees you.

Dear J and D,

I had a unique moment as I sat in class the day after I got back from my ministry time with you. My professor, so full of life and love, was talking about sharing with his children their significance in the eyes of God. He was describing that they are home-schooled and that they struggle with mathematics. He told the class, “Whenever my children are struggling with a subject in school I say to them tenderly, ‘How many math problems do you have to get right for Jesus to love you?—NONE! You are loved by God and are significant to him, not because of what you do but because you were made by him, and he just loves you because you are YOU!”

My eyes filled with tears as my teacher spoke to us. It felt like he was speaking to me as his child. I was able to receive something then that I never experienced with my own father. It was a powerful, powerful moment for me. In that moment, it was almost as if my teacher was a surrogate father and I felt like I was receiving his message when I was 8 years old. For the first time in my life, I felt in my HEART—not just in my head—that I was significant to God.

Wow, God! and Honk, honk!

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