“igbok”—A God-Incident

Here is a precious “God-incident” that a client recently shared with us:igbok bumper sticker

As I picked up my teenage daughter and her friend from school today, I noticed a bumper sticker on the back of a parked SUV.  The bumper sticker was hard to miss, with its chartreuse green background and large white letters—“igbok.”

I said out loud to the girls, “igbok. Hmmm, wonder what that means?”  As I pulled closer, I slowed down to try to read what it said underneath.  I asked the girls, “What does that say underneath?  Can you read it?”  In her sweet, melodious voice, my daughter’s friend leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “it’s gonna be o.k.”   I smiled and said to myself, “Thank you, God,” not yet realizing the significance of the message’s power.

Later that evening, I sat down to write in my journal.  I wanted to remember “igbok.”  As I started writing about what had happened that afternoon, I began to slowly recognize the powerful significance of this simple yet profound message.  I recalled that the week before, when my daughter and I were on our way to the grocery store, she was being her silly jovial self and began talking about acronyms.  We started playing the “acronym game,” and we laughed and took turns going back and forth with our own examples.

Earlier that day, I had a very hurtful misunderstanding with a friend which sent me on an emotional roller coaster.  When I drove to the school that afternoon to pick up my daughter, I was still prayerfully searching my heart on how to respond and what to own as my part in the disagreement.  And then, right before my eyes I see a simple acronym, “igbok”—on a chartreuse green bumper sticker—on the back of an SUV— at my daughter’s school—that God spoke directly to my heart.  “It’s gonna be o.k.”

As I was journaling tonight, I felt the confirmation of the Holy Spirit inside—that God sees me and cares passionately about the little things in my life.  He hears the cries of my heart.  It brought warmth to my heart and a smile to my face as I thanked Father God for his simple confirmation—“I see you, my child, I hear you, I know you, and I’m right here with my arm around you.”  I felt both humbled and overwhelmed that the Father revealed to me the significance of such a simple acronym—“igbok.”

We just love these personal touches from God.  Sometimes these touches can be quickly overlooked, so stop for a moment and ask God to show you a recent God-incident.  We would love to hear yours—and remember, no moment in God is small or insignificant!

One thought on ““igbok”—A God-Incident

  1. “Because as someone once said….Everything will be alright in the end…And if it’s not alright…Then it is not yet the end.”


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