“The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself” Blew Me Away! This Was It!

Read What Editor Bob Hartig Posted on Amazon- April 30, 2013


I’ll begin by saying that, as this book’s freelance editor, I’m naturally inclined to think the world of it. Then again, I wouldn’t have become its editor if I didn’t believe in it so strongly. Let me explain.

Heart & Life is a fledgling self-publishing service owned by my friend Kevin Miles. Its mission is to assist authors in publishing resources that can help Christians live their lives based on who they are in Jesus Christ–out of their “good hearts,” as Kevin puts it. Many believers have no idea who they really are or how God sees them. And this is tragic, because these truths, so resonant in the Bible, have powerful implications for how we live and experience life.

It’s as Jesus said: the truth really will make us free. It can have a joyous, life-changing impact on recovery and on the deep inner wounds of every kind that so many of us struggle with.

I had been thinking of talking with Kevin about finding a qualified author to write a counseling book from the renewed-heart perspective. Granted, I’m no counselor, but I’ve long felt that there has been a huge need for such a book. Then Kevin beat me to the punch. He had received a manuscript from a husband-wife counseling team. Would I care to review it as a possible Heart & Life project?

“The Missing Commandment” blew me away from the start. This was it! This was the book I had in mind! I can’t tell you how excited I felt–even now, I can feel my insides jumping up and down. This book bore my Father’s fingerprint from the very beginning.

Jerry and Denise Basel know counseling, they know the Bible, and they know the heart and character of God. They have a deep understanding of the transformative work that Jesus accomplished in us through His death and resurrection, and they know how it applies to our lives. Better yet, they know how to help us apply it, something that has been proven through the many lives that have been changed through their long years of counseling ministry. This is no ivory-tower theology; it’s the power of the gospel–of Christ in us and we in Him–shining its gracious light on our darkest, most painful inner chambers and proclaiming a better, higher reality.

Jerry and Denise share frankly about their own struggles as well as the heartbreaking wounds and heartwarming breakthroughs of some of their clients. For those who are weary of jumping through holy hoops trying to please God…for men and women wounded by abuse, trapped by addictions, and haunted by the past…for the lonely soul that has never felt good enough, or validated, or loved…all I can say is, please, please read this book. It is written for you, from the heart to the heart. “The Missing Commandment” is honest, passionate, and full of applied truth that can turn “life-changing” from an oft-repeated cliche into your personal experience. Because God doesn’t just love everyone–He loves YOU in particular with a fathomless intensity. YOU. That truth, once it ignites in your heart, can free you to love and to live the way He created you to, fully and gladly, regardless of your circumstances.

—Wow! Bob, thanks so much!

The book is now available on our website at www.jerryanddenisebasel.com at a reduced price of $12.99.  The book can  also be purchased on Amazon at $14.99 and the E-book at $7.99.  All international orders will be processed through Amazon.  Contact us if you need 11 or more books, and we will provide a discounted bulk rate.

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