“The Good News of Living with Grace”

Our friend Sheri posted this on her Facebook page and we wanted to share what she wrote:

“In our profession, the issue of grace comes up over and over again. It has become overwhelmingly obvious to us that many true, God-loving believers either do not understand the true meaning of grace or else they have personally disqualified themselves from receiving it. Either way, they fail to experience the reality of the gospel—the-too-good-to-be-true good news when Jesus arrived in our lives.” Jerry and Denise Basel, Authors of The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself.

My good friends Jerry and Denise demonstrate the concept of God’s grace toward us in their ministry and with their lives.   But…For those of you who don’t know them personally, let me also share with you about their counseling assistant, also named Grace.

Grace is their beautiful border collie who often sits in, upon request of course, on counseling sessions. She senses tears and will gladly dispose of any and all Kleenex you may use….I personally think she prefers the brand with lotion and aloe! (LOL!!).

Anyway, I said all that to say that Grace is about the Father’s Heart. I speak figuratively and literally. Like Grace’s tender attention during counseling, God’s Grace is offered as a gift and offered lovingly.

All we have to do is receive….

Thanks, Sheri.  We appreciate it and so does Grace!

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