The Journey Back Home to Our Past . . . Is it Really Necessary?

Here is a question that many people ask–“Is it really necessary to look at my past in order to heal and move forward in my life?” You may have heard (or even said yourself) statements like, “The past is the past.”  “I can’t do anything about it now.” “What good will it do to ‘dwell’ on what’s already done?”  “I just need to learn how to do things differently from here on out.”  Some may even refer to the writing of the Apostle Paul in Philipians 3:13 where he states that “But one thing I do: forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead . . . ”  This does not, however, refer to his “forgetting his past.”  In fact, Paul frequently spoke of his past (his story) to help new followers of Christ see his failures as well as the miracles that occurred for him.

We are convinced that true, spiritual healing ultimately will result in our “coming home to the Father’s house”—to his loving and healing heart. But in order for that to occur, we must be willing to journey back to our own house—that is, to the circumstances in which we grew up–and face our past. Often, it is here where the Lord reveals how we were shaped by things that should not have happened to us but did, and by things that should have happened but did not. It is on this journey home that he shows us the things in our lives that align with his perfect plan and heals us from the things that were not. It is from this place that he allows us to find healing of our own hearts in order to find his.

Our Story is Important to God

We really like what Peter Scazzero, the author of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, shares: “Even the most painful family experiences become part of our total identity. God had a plan in placing us in our particular families and cultures.  And the more we know about our families, the more we know about ourselves–and the more freedom we have to make decisions about how we want to live.”

Where are you on this journey? What is your story? What chapters in your story are still hidden? What parts need to be told, and healed, and redeemed? Are there times that you think you veered off from the original path that God intended from the beginning? If so, he is asking you to stop and bring those parts of your past to him and allow him to heal you and establish you on the right path—his path. God never meant for any part of your story to be wasted.

The following 2-minute video challenges us to “go home to our past” in order to allow God to restore His original plan for us.  This video is taken from a 7-session video/DVD that can be used in conjunction with our book, “The Missing Commandment:  Love Yourself,” and accompanying Study Guide for individuals, classes, and small or large group gatherings.




Jerry and Denise Basel


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