Are You Ready to Start a Group on “The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself?”

Since releasing our DVD and DVD Study Guide this past September (which accompanies our book, The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself), we have been thrilled to see how God has been using it. We are aware of classes/small groups operating in several states and countries, including Florida, California, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas, Canada, Chile and others.TheMissingCommandment Book SG DVD 3D

A pastor of a large church in south Florida that has been conducting multiple classes using these materials calls it one of the most ‘powerful’ classes we’ve had here.”

A well-known physician with a practice in the Midwest and the South and who was a participant in one of the classes using these materials mentioned that it was the most meaningful book and group that he has ever experienced.” He also indicated that he hopes to incorporate this material into his practice.

Read one of the recent reviews of our book and its use in classes conducted at a church in northern California:

“For the past 8 weeks I have been leading this study to several women’s groups . . . I can’t tell you what life transforming changes I have witnessed each and every week. The truth being spoken that flows from the pages are wonderful. The book goes very deep into YOU as a beloved child of God who longs for your inner healing. Expect tears….lots of tears, but healing tears! You have to go through the pain to get to the other side which is freedom from past wounds. This is going to be a prerequisite class before taking any of my other Bible studies. From this point forward every Bible study will never have a shadow of doubt. Loving yourself the way God loves you is an amazing ‘cloud walk’ on earth!

For those of you who are considering using these materials for your church, ministry or small group, The DVD, which is 45-minutes in length, provides 7 powerful and dynamic teaching sessions, using story, testimonies, and dramatizations. The DVD can be viewed scene by scene or in its entirety for conferences and/or large group gatherings. The companion DVD Study Guide, combined with assigned reading from the actual book, will help you and those you lead get the most out of every session.

Here is one of the sessions on the DVD called “Who’s Driving your Car?” (6 minutes).


Click here to check out the Study Guide and view the table of contents and some of the content on

Click here to check out the book, The Missing Commandment:  Love Yourself, and view the table of contents and some of the content on

To place your order at discounted rates for The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself  Book, DVD, and DVD Study Guide, visit us at

Paperback books and Kindle editions are also available at (BookStudy Guide).  The DVD can be purchased online to view and download at Hard copies of the DVD (as displayed in the photo above) are available only at


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2 thoughts on “Are You Ready to Start a Group on “The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself?”

  1. As a Restoring the Foundations Healing House Network minister located in Northern California, I was excited to find this book, DVD and study guide. It was exactly what I was looking for to introduce the concept of self-awareness, self-compassion, and value for inner healing, in the midst of a church culture that is passionate about loving God and others, but definitely missing the part about loving self. I am currently leading a women’s small group using the DVD, study guide and book “The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself”. Some of the women in my group are avid readers and have gained great benefit from reading the book; some don’t want to read, or have no free time to read, but all are viewing the DVD and participating in group discussion afterward. We have been moving slowly, viewing two sessions at a time, with one of those being a review of one session watched the previous week, then adding one new session. This is new information to most of the women and they want to see each session at least twice. These evenings together have been rich and relationship-building as the group members share and listen to the powerful impact of one another’s new understandings, stirred memories, broken pieces of their past suddenly falling into place, increasing compassion for self and for others, increased faith in God’s love for them. The women range in age from 63 down to 23. Some deeply regret not having this information while raising their children, some have toddlers and are learning better parenting as well as self love, and one is excited to learn prior to having children to raise. We are all grateful for this anointed material and highly recommend it for use in groups!


  2. Thanks, Jeannine for sharing this with us and our readers. We are very excited and also humbled by what you’ve shared and how the Father is using these materials. Blessings, Jerry and Denise Basel


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