“A New Direction . . . And a New Look for Our Blog”

New Direction SignMany of you only know of us as counselors, but in our “former” lives we were college teachers and administrators. We both enjoyed helping students learn new skills and information, but the most fulfilling part was seeing these men and women move forward in their chosen profession and grab hold of a piece of their calling.

But after 2o years, God surprisingly switched things up on us. We had been on our own healing journeys for a few years and through that God began to have more access to our hearts. From a more healed place we were able to see more of what He had placed in our core identity.

We discovered that we were not only teachers, but He was also calling us to be healers of the brokenhearted.   It was then that we decided to leave our university positions and pursue graduate degrees in Christian Counseling–ultimately starting The Father’s Heart Ministry that has now been in operation for 20 years.

What You Can Expect to See in Future Blog Posts

Through future blogs, we want to return to our roots as teachers. It is our desire to send out a weekly post that will focus on topics that can hopefully help you continue on your own personal journey of healing and transformation.

Having been followers of Christ for 30 years, counselors for 20, and married for over 40, we’ve learned and experienced a few things along the way!  We want to share more of these things with you.

Some posts will be shared from a teaching platform and others using stories–from our lives and others–to help encourage you in your story.  Sometimes we will share a brief video or audio from us or from others who have inspired us.

Whatever the case, we want to engage you in this process. We hope you will share your thoughts and give us feedback as well. And when there are posts you like, we hope you will pass them along to help others.

So that’s it.  Until next week . . . 


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NOTE:  If you or someone you know is in need of finding a safe place for emotional and/or spiritual healing and restoration, please contact us at The Father’s Heart Intensive Christian Counseling Ministry through our web site at www.fathersheart.com or email us directly at fathersheartmin@gmail.com or  fathersheart@windstream.net.

We are located in the North Georgia Mountains in a retreat-oriented environment and have established opportunities for ministry to individuals or couples for time periods as little as a few hours to as long as five days.

6 thoughts on ““A New Direction . . . And a New Look for Our Blog”

  1. I think this is a great direction!! It’s also a timely one when you think about marketing. This sort of content is how people are making decisions as well.

    If you haven’t already, Check out Seth Godin’s blog. He has a very particular approach to this and even if you decide not to go that direction, it might give you ideas. I look forward to getting the first new post!!!

    (Ps – If you can make it so that it can be fully read in email that always makes it easier to engage in the midst of busy-ness)



  2. Jerry & Denise,

    Merry Christmas. Thanks for your ministry and love for the broken hearted. I know of a man who had a similar ministry 2000 years ago.

    All for Jesus, Pastor Mike


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