“Returning to Our Roots . . . Allowing WHO We Are to Direct WHAT We Do”



Our Destiny Flows from Our True Identity

We firmly believe that in order to fulfill the destiny that God has placed in each of us, we must know WHO we are–our true identity. If we don’t know “WHO we are,” how can we truly know “WHAT we are to do with our lives?” This can be a little tricky, however, when we have not allowed God access to our hearts to allow Him to bring healing.

Many, many times we try to pursue our “calling” from our wound, and not from our true God-given identity.  A good example of that is when an adult son or daughter follows in their father’s footsteps to gain his approval and acceptance, rather than following their own dreams.

This is why it is so important to submit our hearts–actually our very lives–to God (Holy Spirit). And then, through that transforming process, we will be able to embrace who we are and then step into whatever He has for us.

Let’s Make This More Personal

We want to encourage you to allow the Father to bring more healing to your heart and thus clarify your identity—the very identity He placed within you before you were even born. Then, from this place of new awareness and desire, we encourage you to “risk and step forward” into whatever is consistent with WHO you are.  

Keep in mind, this does not have to result in a major life change! It might be as simple as starting to write your story, when you didn’t feel you had a story to write. Or maybe you take a painting class, because you now realize that your ability to paint was hidden for years and it is now starting to surface. Or maybe it does involve making a career change and stepping forward into a totally different area.

Finally, as it relates to us personally, for the last 20 years we have been operating more out of our true identity as “healers of the brokenhearted”—something we didn’t even know until we submitted our hearts to the healing process many years ago.

We close with this quote from Jack Frost:

“You teach what you know, but you impart who you are.”

So that’s it.  Until next week . . . 


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NOTE:  If you or someone you know is in need of finding a safe place for emotional and/or spiritual healing and restoration, please contact us at The Father’s Heart Intensive Christian Counseling Ministry through our web site at www.fathersheart.com or email us directly at fathersheartmin@gmail.com or  fathersheart@windstream.net.

We are located in the North Georgia Mountains in a retreat-oriented environment and have established opportunities for ministry to individuals or couples for time periods as little as a few hours to as long as five days.

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