“Make Me Weak”

One of the ways to get the attention of our clients—especially our male clients—is to tell them that we are going to pray and ask God to make them weak. You may be thinking the same thing that our clients would be thinking, “Why in the world would I want Vulnerability Quoteto pray that?” The answer—it is the only way to have true strength! Let us explain.

Self-Sufficiency and Pride

As we walk through this life and face many difficult things that come our way, we develop ways to deal with things—ways to survive. Many times we learn survival in our childhood–even before the age of five.  We grow up before we are supposed to. We become strong, self-sufficient or self-reliant. The problem is that this kind of strength is rooted in our own flesh and not in the power of God living within us. If we learn to function from this place, we will have little need for help from others—including God. Although we might say we need others and God, the way we live and interact in relationships speaks the opposite. In fact, we may have a very difficult time identifying that we even have needs.

Although the world—and even the western church at times—applauds the strong, self-sufficient, and independent individual, such a person may actually be functioning in opposition to God and His will. It becomes a form of pride–not the overtly arrogant puffed-up pride, but the type of pride that says, “I can handle it myself” . . . “I can make it” . . . “I don’t need anyone else’s help (maybe not even God’s).”

An Accurate Picture of Weakness

One of our favorite Scriptures that we share all the time in counseling is the interchange between Paul and the Lord from 2 Cor. 12:9-10: The Lord says to Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness.” Christ spoke this at a time when Paul was asking repeatedly for relief from a recurring struggle of some type (his “thorn” experience). In response, Paul basically says, “Okay then.  I get it.  So even in my struggles, I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” He continues, “For Christ’s sake, I will delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”

Few would define Paul as being a “weakling” in his Christian life, yet he invited and embraced godly weakness so that the fullness of God’s power could be at work in him. He knew that he could not make it in his own strength. He could not be self-reliant. He could not be independent. He could not fulfill the calling on his life with anything less than the perfect power of God—His “dunamis” or “dynamite power” (the meaning of that word in Greek). Paul knew he had to surrender—Paul leaned into God, embraced his weakness and received the all-sufficient gift of grace.

Paul did it. Can you?


Father, as I reflect on the gift of your Son Jesus this Christmas, I see the ultimate example of embracing weakness. He entered our world in vulnerability and weakness in order to fulfill His calling to save all who would respond. And from this place of weakness, He ultimately manifested the fulness of His glory and strength. I so need to experience your strength at work in me. Please help me embrace a godly weakness and vulnerability so I can live from this place of trusting you with me.

Until next week . . . 


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4 thoughts on ““Make Me Weak”

  1. Hey Jerry & Denise,

    I know that you did this with me! And God has answered your prayer. I have felt weakness for the past 4 months. I am learning to put my full weight on God’s grace and just trust that he can handle it. I feel like I can’t manage/control issues and outcomes anymore. And that pushes me toward utter dependence on God. I feel the full range of emotions almost every day. I can no longer suppress or repress or control my emotions. I am learning to express them as I feel them…and learning how to do that in appropriate ways. For the most part, I recognize that this is all good. But there are days when I’m just tired of it. I yearn for the days when I will feel greater confidence and strength in Christ…I do have some days like that now. I just don’t like feeling weak, but I am learning that God is my strength when I am weak and lean totally upon him. It is all trust on my part and all grace from God.

    I think that the “spiritually correct” response is to say “Thank you for praying for my weakness”, but sometimes I don’t feel all that grateful!

    May Jesus Reveal his grace and love to you this week and always.


    • Thanks so much for your comment and for sharing your heart on this. We totally understand the “tension” of living in this place of a “godly weakness” and still needing to experience even more of the Father’s strength. We are blessed by what He has done and is continuing to do in your heart!


  2. Being the Greek Geek that I am, I did a little research on II Cor. 12:9. Another reasonable translation is “My grace satisfies you.” That got me pondering. Weakness gets me restless to fix it, to get strong. But Jesus says, “My grace satisfies you.” To be honest, I’m not very good or diligent at going to Jesus for satisfaction when I feel restless or weak. I look for my own solutions. But Jesus…but Jesus…”my grace satisfies you.” And in the moment I come to Jesus, in that moment, I can rest. Grace. God’s grace is sufficient. God’s grace satisfies my heart, my longings, my weakness, my restlessness, my fix-it-ness, my controlling-ways, my brokenness. I’m okay because I’m with Jesus. Charis. His Charis flows and floods my soul. And I can breathe again. I can breathe easier again. Satisfaction. Only charis. God’s Charis.


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