“Re-digging the Well of My Heart”

Recently I (Jerry) was sharing with the Lord about the condition of my heart. This is what I wrote:

Lord Jesus, I bring my heart to you today. I know that it is in need of you and your love. I haven’t been taking care of my heart very well and I’m sorry. Help me, Lord, to bring my heart to you so much more than I have. Please meet me there. Bringing my heart to you is really my offering to you. It is my gift and I know you receive this gift.

The Wellspring of Life

When I share my heart with the Lord—often through writing—I invite Him to share His heart with me. I write whatever I sense He is saying to me. But this time it was different. Even before I started to write His response, I began thinking about the Scripture that speaks of how the heart is the “wellspring of life” and from out of it flow the issues of life (Proverbs 4:23). I immediately had an image of a well.

It reminded me of a book I read last year while we were away on our annual sabbatical rest. The book, Water From My Heart, a novel by Charles Martin (our most favorite author of Christian fiction!), is set mainly in a very impoverished town in Nicaragua. The main character of the story travels to this town to try and “right the wrongs” that have come from actions of his past. As a part of his time there, he works many weeks to re-dig a well that was filled up with dirt years ago from a massive mudslide that killed thousands.

Your Heart Is A Deep Well”

shovelFinally, after reflecting for a while on these images that were coming to my mind, I wrote the following that I sensed coming from the Lord:

Your heart is not only the “wellspring of life,” it is a deep well. Just like in the book, there are times when a well has to be re-dug. It can fill up with things of this world. Let me re-dig the well of your heart. There is fresh water—life—available again to you in this well. We can dig together to get to that place once more. Let me help you.

 Things That Fill Up and Shut Down Our Wells

I believe that many of us struggle at one time or another with hearts that feel “dry or plugged up.” The water—which brings revelation, anticipation, expectation, and life—isn’t flowing like it once did. There are many reasons why this can occur.

It can happen from a serious tragedy or trauma—like what had happened in the story in the book. It can happen from a series of lesser hurts or losses that seem to gradually fill up the well of our heart. It might be the result of unresolved wounds—either from childhood or as an adult—that cause us to feel loss, pain, fear, disappointment, loneliness or hopelessness. Or maybe our ways of dealing with pain—like addictions, hidden sin, destructive relationships, pride, self-sufficiency, busyness, performance or perfectionism—have caused our wells to shut down.

No matter what the cause, acknowledging, confronting and inviting God into these issues will eventually allow life to return to our wells—our hearts. If we ignore these things and “keep on going,” we will cause our wells to fill up and shut down.

So if you feel like your “wellspring of life” needs some attention, let’s join with the one who really wants to help restore our hearts. Let’s let Him help us do whatever is necessary to “re-dig the well of our hearts.”

(If you would like information on the book, “Water from My Heart” and other books by Charles Martin, click HERE.

Until next week . . .


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2 thoughts on ““Re-digging the Well of My Heart”

  1. May God bless you for this article surely it has reminded me that I need to let God help me re-dig my wells of the heart before they shut down and I’ve also known the deeper the wells the pure the waters


    • Dear Julius,

      Thanks very much for your comment on this post. Yes, we all need to be reminded periodically how important our hearts are to the Father and the need to open (or re-open) them to Him. Blessings, Jerry and Denise Basel


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