“Love God, Love Others, Love Us?”

Misunderstood and Overlooked

Love UsSince writing our book, The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself, we have been amazed at how much the “Love Yourself” command is misunderstood, overlooked, and even omitted in our Christian walk.

Recently, we were at a funeral of a close friend’s mother. In the pastor’s closing comments he said, “Mary followed the greatest commandment in living her life—she loved God, she loved others, and she loved us.”

Why Is It Still Missing?

We just looked at each other. Denise leaned in and whispered, “I guess the part about ‘loving yourself’ is still missing.” So the premise for our book was confirmed once again. Why is this? What is the reason so many Christians overlook or avoid this part of the greatest commandment? Is it because it is assumed that as believers we automatically love ourselves? (Obviously not a correct assumption—just look around you!) Is it because it seems wrong or selfish to actually love ourselves or are we afraid to even encourage such self-centered thoughts and behaviors? Why then did Jesus include it in the greatest commandment?

A Self-Check on Loving Yourself

How do you really feel about yourself? Do you really love yourself and like yourself? Let us ask you a few more questions:

Are you hard on yourself? Do you demand perfection of yourself? Are you critical and negative regarding yourself? If you never measure up; if you never compliment yourself or receive compliments; if you never celebrate yourself; if you never rest in who are; if you don’t extend grace toward yourself; if you can’t truly forgive yourself for your mistakes—then you still need more of God’s love to saturate and heal your heart. And do you know what else? You are not alone in this struggle. You are among pastors, missionaries, leaders, worshippers, etc. who also struggle in the same way.

Look, See and Believe

We believe that until you love yourself, you cannot truly love your neighbor. Believe with us today, that the one the Father loves and cherishes is the one looking right back at you in the mirror. Look and see for yourself. You are the one the Father loves—and that is really good news.

Until next time . . .


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