“Father” and “Intentional”

This blog post was written by Danica Hulen, who is currently serving as an intern in our counseling ministry. She is in the final stages of completing her Baccalaureate Degree in Counseling from Liberty University and will be continuing to obtain her Master’s Degree in Counseling as well.


August 2014: My dad moved out. October 2014: My dad emailed me, my mom, and my sisters of his decision to divorce my mom. Fast forward. December 2015: Jesus says my words for 2016 are “Father” and “Intentional.”

Image for Danica's Blog PostIt is no coincidence that I am an intern at a counseling ministry called The Father’s Heart. Over the last 14 months, the Lord’s pursuance of my heart has been undeniable. Through every obstacle, at every turn, He has been here to meet me. If I’m being really honest, he’s been present before and after every obstacle and turn. It’s been a while since such true words were spoken over me by God. Father. Intentional.

Jerry and Denise Basel, my internship supervisors, have counseled me personally as a part of my internship, in order to get to know what it feels like on the other side of the table that separates counselor from client. Let me tell you… That is NOT easy. I’ve been a client before; I’ve desired guidance and healing in my life many times before now. There is something different at The Father’s Heart. It speaks directly to my soul, cutting through all the barriers and walls I’ve spent years building. Rather, I should say “He,” not “it.” Jesus deserves all the credit here. Jesus is so very present at a place I thought would simply be a beautiful example of what I wanted to do as a future counselor. Little did I know, He is there. Father. Intentional.

Grace from the Father, Grace for Myself

Out of Jerry and Denise, Jesus speaks. I cry when I think of the grace my Father has extended to me. No longer is it uncomfortable for me to refer to God as Father. No longer do I feel distant from Him as the One who protects, loves, and provides for His children. As my Father pursues me, I am forced to confront my intense insecurities. I admitted for the first time (out loud to someone other than myself) that I do not give myself grace. I do not accept myself. I do not like myself. Truly, I believe I am not good enough for anyone, especially not good enough for me. BUT underneath all of that, I feel my Father call my name and say, “You are Mine, child.” He holds my hand and loves me so deeply I lose all sense of fear. I am His–I can breathe!

The freedom that comes from the truth of being unconditionally and fully known (AND STILL LOVED) by my heavenly Father is almost unbearable in the best way possible. My earthly father hasn’t cared enough to want me truly and fully. He hasn’t pursued me or my sisters. He told us he knew full well that he could lose us forever by divorcing my mom–and he still left. As I heal from my wounds and uncover the root of my insecurities and fears, one thing is clear–I am loved by my heavenly Father who intentionally pursues me. He loves, simply because that’s who He is. How beautiful it is to sit amidst His presence with every client I observe, with every conversation I have with Jerry and Denise. All glory to Him.

Until next time . . . 


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We are located in the North Georgia Mountains in a retreat-oriented environment and have established opportunities for ministry to individuals or couples for time periods as little as a few hours to as long as five days.

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