Part 3: “Podcast with Jerry and Denise on R.E.A.L. Love Radio”

Over the last couple of weeks we sent out Part 1 and 2 of a podcast that we recorded last month with Jay Mayo from R.E.A.L. Love Radio.  The overall focus of this four-part discussion is the importance of loving ourselves the way God does. In part 1 of 4, we discussed what led us to write a book on loving ourselves the way God loves us. In part 2, we discussed how our upbringing can impact our ability to love ourselves.

In this episode, we continue the discussion by addressing this question: Why does God desire us to love ourselves the way He loves us?

To listen to or to download this podcast (Part 3 – 18 minutes), click

Some of the issues we address in this session include:

  • How does the way we typically love ourselves differ from the way God desires for us to love ourselves?
  • Why does God desire us to love ourselves the way He loves us?
  • The benefit of operating in the fruit of the Spirit.
  • The danger of putting trust in ourselves instead of in God.

To listen to or to download podcast, part 1 (20 minutes), click HERE.

To listen to or to download podcast, part 2 (20 minutes), click HERE.

The Right to R.E.A.L. Love Radio podcast with Jay Mayo is the #1 relationship podcast for Christians providing valuable and practical insights related to relationships, faith, dating and sex.

Podcast episodes are released six days a week (Monday – Saturday) and the podcast is available worldwide on iTunes. If you like, you can check it out here:

Or on the R.E.A.L. Love Radio official website here:

(Click Here to access The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself on Amazon; Click Here to access it on our publications website.)

We’ll be sharing the final podcast (Part 4) in a few days . . .


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