“Can We Ask You A Question?”

question-mark-1421017_1280It’s that time of year again when the seasons shift from the play of summer to the colors of fall. Along with kids in school, leaves changing, and football season, there are many other things that gear up in the fall. This includes adult study clubs, groups, and classes, which begin in homes, churches, offices, and larger facilities.

We have people leading groups on The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself from the eastern shoreline to the west—from the tip of southern Florida to northern Washington state, including Canada. These include a book club for singles, a men’s recovery gpeople-coffee-tea-meetingroup, Sunday school classes, women’s groups and men’s groups, church staff groups, senior’s groups and counseling groups. One group leader told us that when their pastor walked by on a Sunday morning, he popped his head in the door and asked, “Is this the group that loves themselves?” (This was this church’s fifth class on The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself!).

What a blessing this is for us to know that so many are experiencing the good news— that “loving yourself the way God does can bring healing and freedom to your life.”

Would you be willing to partner with us to spread this fundamental truth and hope to others by leading a group in the upcoming months? One medical professional commented that in all the groups he had ever attended, he never saw people share so deeply and so quickly. It’s something we have heard again and again from leaders and participants. By its very design, this book study opens up a safe atmosphere of vulnerability and grace. And in that environment, the Father’s healing love for the brokenhearted will be manifested.

Be blessed.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at fathersheartmin@gmail.com

Materials are also available at a discounted rate at jerryanddenisebasel.com


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NOTE:  If you or someone you know is in need of finding a safe place for emotional and/or spiritual healing and restoration, please contact us at The Father’s Heart Intensive Christian Counseling Ministry through our web site at www.fathersheart.com or email us directly at fathersheartmin@gmail.com or  fathersheart@windstream.net.

We are located in the North Georgia Mountains in a retreat-oriented environment and have established opportunities for ministry to individuals or couples for time periods as little as a few hours to as long as five days.

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