“How Long, O Lord?”

The most important thing we ever hope for from God is God Himself. Hope that He will be with us in our troubles. Not necessarily for Him to take our troubles away, but always to be there— under us to hold us up, ahead of us to lead the way, behind us to push us along, over us to keep an eye on us, and in us to keep alive our hopes of getting beyond our troubles.          –Lewis Smedes     


I (Denise) was up in the attic recently and I came up0n a box filled with all my old journals. I thought of writing a note on the box, “Do not read what is in this box. Please discard unopened box in the trash.” However, knowing human curiosity, a request like that would probably guarantee every journal being read in detail. Although there are interesting travel stories to Israel, Italy, Poland, and to many islands and beaches (many of these recording God-stories that happened on our trips–with his fingerprints all over them), most could probably be summed up in one phrase repeated several times in Scripture: “How long O Lord?”

How long O Lord?
Before you heal my loneliness—
Speak my name—
Heal my fears—
Heal my heart?

How long O Lord?
Before you show me my destiny—
Heal my marriage—
Save my family?
O Lord, look on me and answer me. Please.

How long O Lord?
Before my darkness turns to light—
Before I can enter in to your rest—
Before I can seek you and find you—
Before my prayers no longer dribble off my chin onto the floor—
Before love abounds, grace abounds, life abounds, and breath abounds—

How long before you stop for me—
Pick me up—
Hold me—
Wipe away my tears?

. . . Wait. Time out. Hit the pause button. Jerry just got out his guitar (which he hasn’t done for months) and started looking through his music. He turned to me and said he was looking for the chords for “Psalm 13” and couldn’t find it. “Well that is a coincidence,” I said. (Wink, wink. One of our clients calls it Jehovah Sneaky). “I was just journaling about Psalm 13.” I guess that God-incidence means to me that God still hears, still sees, and still knows ME—even when I feel like the heavens are brass, like I am totally alone, and I am on my own. (Adapted from our latest book, “Loving God, Loving Myself”).

Let us share another “God with us” incident. Our brother-in-law just sent us a beautiful and powerful song on Psalm 13. Of course, he meant to send it “a while ago.” But you know what? His timing and God’s were perfect! Listen to “Psalm 13” here:

Psalm 13
by Chad Dohring

Troubles come, troubles go
Lord, I know I made this bed,
But now I struggle in my heart to let her go
Pick me up and take me home
For I fear I’ve passed out in some passing fate
I thought that you should know

How long, how long are you gonna let me just cry myself to sleep?
How long, how long are you gonna let me sit in silence with all of my screams
O Lord, I know you hear me crying
I know you hear me calling out to you
And if I just heard a whisper wind
I’d swim up past these waves and walk to you

A burning bush should be kind
With some direction for this rudderless ship of mine
Lord, I know I’ve cried this ocean
But I’m drowning now inside
Come take this pain from my side

How long, how long are you gonna let me just cry myself to sleep?
How long, how long are you gonna watch me throwing punches from my knees
O Lord, I know you hear me crying
I know you hear me calling out to you
And if I just heard a whisper wind
I’d swim right past these waves and run to you

Seems like you love speaking to me, but turning off the lights
That way there’s no questioning of who really did the caring
For faith sees better than eyes
So I’m gonna sing in the dark for you
I’m gonna sing with all my heart for you
Lord, you are good to me
Lord you’re good to me
Lord you’re so good (repeat verse)

With all the strength inside of me
I’m dropping to my knees
Lord, let my faith lead
Lord, let my faith lead


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