“What in the World Drives My Actions?”

Whenever we counsel, we are always looking for the “drivers” that are causing problems in our behavior and in our relationships. As we shared in a previous video, one of the most powerful drivers is “lie-based, toxic shame.” In this first video clip below, Jerry shares examples of how these drivers manifested in his life. […]


We all experience storms in our lives—storms that are unexpected, damaging, out of our control, costly. As we recently watched the fury of Hurricane Irma devastating the Florida Keys, we never dreamed that her destructive power would lash out at us in Georgia—the first tropical storm in history to hit the North Georgia Mountains. As […]

“I Don’t Think I Have Toxic Shame—or Do I?” Watch Now!

When we counsel individuals and couples, we look for the “drivers”—those things that are underneath the behaviors that cause the problems they are experiencing. One of these drivers is toxic, lie-based shame. The problem with this type of shame is that it has different “faces” and often remains hidden. In fact, many people we counsel […]

Watch Now! “Childhood Wounds Matter” and “Guilt versus Shame”

Here are two new 1-4 minute video clips taken from a seminar we conducted in Sanibel, Florida on The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself. Sometimes all we need is a brief insight on a topic or an answer to a question, and we believe that these video clips can provide just that. They may help you or someone […]

Frank Viola Interview on Our Newest Book, “Loving God, Loving Myself”

Frank Viola is the bestselling author of God’s Favorite Place on Earth, From Eternity to Here, Jesus Manifesto, Reimagining Church, Jesus Now, and Jesus: A Theography. Rethinking status quo Christianity, Frank Viola has helped thousands of Christians to deepen their relationship to Jesus and experience a more vibrant, authentic expression of church. His blog, Beyond Evangelical, is one […]