“What Mask Do You Wear?”

It took many years for me to realize that I (Jerry) operated out of my unmet needs, which shaped many of my actions. I was what many would consider a “nice guy.” But in reality, my heart wasn’t so nice. Because of some core love deficits that only became known to me in my middle […]

What Our Editor Is Saying About “Loving God, Loving Myself”

Here Is What Our Editor Bob Hartig Recently Posted on Facebook Ta-da! My friends, Jerry and Denise Basel’s new book, in time for Christmas. It’s an encouraging, honest,and insightful traveling companion written by two veteran Christian counselors. The Basels are a sweet, gracious, and savvy couple, and it is an honor to serve them as their editor. […]

Pre-Release Purchase of Our New Book, “Loving God, Loving Myself”

“Loving God, Loving Myself — Pre-Release Buy Now! We are very excited to announce the upcoming release of our new book, Loving God, Loving Myself–Finding the Heart of the Father in Our Daily Lives.  After reading and working through our initial book, The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself—How Loving Yourself the Way God Does Can Bring Healing and Freedom […]

SPECIAL DEAL! 50% Off the Just Released Audiobook–The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself

The Audiobook Version of The Missing Commandment:  Love Yourself is Now Available at More Than 50% Off the Lowest Online Price! The feedback we have received since the release of the audiobook version of our book, The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself has been excellent.  Many have commented on both the excellent quality of the recording, as well as its deep impact–even […]

Are You Ready to Start a Group on “The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself?”

Since releasing our DVD and DVD Study Guide this past September (which accompanies our book, The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself), we have been thrilled to see how God has been using it. We are aware of classes/small groups operating in several states and countries, including Florida, California, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas, Canada, Chile and others. A pastor of a large church […]

The Journey Back Home to Our Past . . . Is it Really Necessary?

Here is a question that many people ask–“Is it really necessary to look at my past in order to heal and move forward in my life?” You may have heard (or even said yourself) statements like, “The past is the past.”  “I can’t do anything about it now.” “What good will it do to ‘dwell’ on what’s […]

“Helping Us Help Others Who Are In Need Of Healing . . . A Request”

Dear Friends, We are writing at this time to make you aware of a specific need and inviting you to prayerfully consider this request. We frequently have individuals and couples who contact us for help but do not have the financial resources available to come for counseling/ministry.  We have always had a scholarship fund as […]

Can You Love Yourself Too Much?

There is a question that has been asked of us that is somewhat surprising.  The question is, “Can you love yourself too much?”  We would have to say in the midst of our counseling sessions, it has never even occurred to us that it would be a counseling issue we would need to address. We […]