“God Wants to Heal All of Me . . . Our Most Requested Video”

A couple of years ago Denise produced a video using a set of nesting dolls. She made it to help illustrate the importance of accepting and embracing all of us–including the child within–in order for healing to occur. We have had more feedback from and requests for this video than any other. When we developed […]

“Piece By Piece”

A few weeks ago we posted an article called Unity for Our Fragmented Souls. It focused on the importance of allowing God to reveal and to heal all of our fragmented parts. Shortly after that, a friend shared with us a powerful music video as a follow-up to that post, and we sent that out on our blog […]

“We Come To God In Pieces . . . A Powerful Music Video”

We recently had a friend share with us a powerful music video as a follow-up to our recent post, Unity for Our Fragmented Souls. Here is what she shared (with her permission): I was listening to this song tonight with [my husband] and it reminded me of your blog post last week. I had a vision […]