“Counseling Intensives With Jerry And Denise Basel”

Some of you who have read our book may not be aware that although we are authors, we function primarily as a husband and wife Christian counseling team. We have been serving in this role since starting The Father’s Heart Ministry in 1995. Since 2006, we have been providing 2, 3 and 5-day counseling intensive […]

“Father” and “Intentional”

This blog post was written by Danica Hulen, who is currently serving as an intern in our counseling ministry. She is in the final stages of completing her Baccalaureate Degree in Counseling from Liberty University and will be continuing to obtain her Master’s Degree in Counseling as well. ——————- August 2014: My dad moved out. […]

“Note to God” (by Pablo Giacopelli)

 From Jerry and Denise: We first connected with Pablo through Kevin Miles, the publisher of our book, who also published Pablo’s first book. Pablo lives in Tel Aviv, Israel and has had the opportunity to successfully coach some of the best female players in the world of tennis. Although he has enjoyed significant success as […]

Can You Love Yourself Too Much?

There is a question that has been asked of us that is somewhat surprising.  The question is, “Can you love yourself too much?”  We would have to say in the midst of our counseling sessions, it has never even occurred to us that it would be a counseling issue we would need to address. We […]

“God Wants to Heal All of Me . . . A Powerful Visual”

In our book, “The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself . . . How Loving Yourself the Way God Does Can Bring Healing and Freedom to Your Life,” we explain the importance of allowing God to reveal the wounds of our past, and then to invite Him to reclaim and heal every part of us.  We emphasize […]

“The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself” featured in Canadian Ministry Magazine

We are thrilled that our book, “The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself” and The Father’s Heart Intensive Counseling Ministry were featured in the inaugural issue of “Connection,” a magazine from Ellel Ministries, Canada. Ellel has centers located in over 20 countries around the world. Their focus is to provide opportunities for people to receive healing ministry and prayer […]

Our Picture of God as Father

God makes us totally dependent on parents or caregivers for the first five years of our lives. Our parents become like gods to us. In a perfect world, this would be a good thing. It is a daunting responsibility to know that as parents and caregivers, we mirror God to a child. This means we […]

Marsha’s Story: I Felt in My HEART–“I Am Significant to God!”

An Excerpt from “The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself”                                                                                    Dear Jerry and Denise, I am […]

Love God. Love Self. Love Others.

The premise of our new book, The Missing Commandment—Love Yourself, is that to be truly healed, free, and fully alive, we must love ourselves and like ourselves just as much as God loves us and really likes us. And then we must turn around and love others the same way. Jesus said, “‘Love the Lord your God […]

When You Hit the Window, God Will Pick You Up

A few weeks ago on one particular morning, a small Goldfinch flew into the window of our sun room and was knocked unconscious.  I (Jerry) went out and picked up the bird and held it loosely in my hand and began to gently stroke it and pray for its recovery. Although she had a pretty […]